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MentorClub is operated by SocialEduTech, a start-up founded by senior professionals who felt the need for structured advice at various times in their professional life. Both the founders are from IIT-Roorkee. SocialEduTech is based out of Gurgaon, India.

We have tons of information on how to become doctor, engineer, pilot etc. But, there is no structured information on how life is going to be after you have joined a profession.

60% of Engineers are Unemployed or Underemployed

– All Indian Technical Education Council Report, 2017

84% of Employees aren’t Happy

– State of Global Workplace report by Gallup International, 2017

This happens, because each individual is different, and every career has its pros and cons. These pros and cons are relative to individual’s unique personality traits, aspirations, environment, social and family background. For example, in medical profession, earnings are delayed (often start in early 30s) but are huge in later part of the life. This may be good for some and bad for some other.

For most of us, at the start of our professional life, earning money is the most important driver in choosing a career. However, after a while, other aspects start gaining importance and that is when an employee start feeling unhappy. The most important of these other factors are Work-Life Balance, Job Security, Work Culture, Recognition, Growth, Ability to Work Abroad etc.

MentorClub is an endeavour to find truthful and experience-based information from successful individuals serving in varied roles in different industries from disparate locations.

We believe that there is a wealth of information that if presented in easy to comprehend format, can help millions of students and their parents in shaping their understanding of various career choices.



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