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Profile Details
Name – Confidential
Designation – Lieutenant Commander
OrganisationIndian Navy
Age – 28
City – Bangalore
Work Experience (Years) – 6 years+
Under-GraduationBachelor of Engineering in Computer Science, Visvesvaraya Technological University
Post-Graduation – M.Sc (Pursuing), Goa University
Professional Qualification – Hydrography

Please give us a summary of your Career in Indian Navy.

I am an Officer serving in the Indian Navy. I am from the Executive Cadre which you can also call as the core Navy. As an Executive Officer, I have a lot of portfolios including the navigation of the ship, operations, weapons administration of the ship, maintenance of the ship diving and many other tasks like anti-piracy operations, search and rescue operations patrolling etc. But, I have a special qualification which only a few odd people possess in the entire navy. I am a Hydrographer, which involves mapping of the sea, sea-bed, wrecks etc. It is similar to the maps or Google maps at sea, we call them Charts. I have spent about 6 years in the Navy.

Please describe your current Job Responsibilities in Indian Navy.

You, as a Hydrographer, shall venture into areas where no seafarer may have ventured before. Charting coral reefs, pristine waters, atolls, and ports you shall do it all. You shall fly, dive and sail into national and international uncharted waters and you will have the satisfaction of seeing your efforts culminate into a navigational chart in which mariners place immense trust and derive boundless confidence from.

Average Income in Indian Navy in the current scenario

Starting out/Fresher – 5-10 Lakhs Per Annum
5 Years of Experience – 10-20 Lakhs Per Annum
10 Years of Experience – 20-40 Lakhs Per Annum
15 Years of Experience – 40-80 Lakhs Per Annum
20 or more Years of Experience – 80+ Lakhs Per Annum
How do you rate the Income Potential in your career?
3 Star Rating | MentorClub.in

Work-Life Balance

On an average, how many hours do you work per day?
More than 9 hours
On an average, how many days in a week do you work?
All 7 days
How often are you required to work in night-shift?
Very Often
Does your work require you to travel?
Very Often
Does your work require you to relocate to different town/cities?
How would you consider the job security in your profession?
Very Secure
Would you consider this Profession Risky?

It is a risky profession as we risk our lives every day.

Overall, how would you rate Work-Life Balance in your Profession?
3 Star Rating | MentorClub.in
Overall, how would you rate Job Stability of your Profession?
5 Star Rating | MentorClub.in
What are the different ways of entering this profession?

After 12th standard, one has to pass the CDS exam conducted by UPSC or after BE through CDS of UES entry scheme. You can check on the Indian Navy website for better information on the same.


How would you rate Stress-Level in Indian navy Profession?
Very Stressful
How would you rate your office/work infrastructure?
How would you describe your co-workers?
Very Helpful
Generally speaking, your work at Indian Navy is
Field Work
Overall, how would you rate Work-Culture in your Profession?
5 Star Rating | MentorClub.in

Importance of Education in Your Profession

Would you say that Education from top School/College plays a major role in the success in this Profession?
What level of Education is sufficient to be successful in this Profession?
Graduation in Relevant Stream
Would you say that Studious students are generally successful in this Profession?
It is not just studies but the presence of mind and the ability to react or apply
How would you consider the Cost of Education post 12th?
At present, which institutes are best for the education of this profession?

Indian Naval Academy

What is the cost of education (post 12th) of this profession at present?


Overall, how would you rate the role of Education in your Profession?
5 Star Rating | MentorClub.in

According to you, what kind of person is likely to be Happy & Successful in Indian Navy?

First Personality Trait – Energized by people, enjoy a variety of tasks and good at multitasking
Second Personality Trait – Focus on facts and details and apply past experiences to come up with practical solutions to problems
Third Personality Trait – Prefer to make decisions using logic by weighing pros and cons
Fourth Personality Trait – Prefer to keep flexible plan and keep options open
Fifth Personality Trait – Prefer to seek new experiences and create new things
Sixth Personality Trait – Prefer to be self-disciplined and organised
Seventh Personality Trait – Prefer to be cooperative and compassionate
Eighth Personality Trait – His/Her Family and Friends agree that S/he is usually relaxed, calm and happy
Please provide details

You need to have effective intelligence, should have reasoning and organizing abilities.  Power of expression, social adaptability, and cooperation should be present in you. You should have a sense of responsibility and self-confidence. You need to have a lot of determination, courage, and stamina as it is a risky job.

What are some of the positives, which would encourage someone to join Indian Navy?

The qualification you gain as a Hydrographer will have an international recognition. The Hydrographic Officer operates from highly sophisticated platforms to conduct surveys at sea. They not only operate in territorial waters of India but on the high seas, depending upon the requirement. Surveys are also carried out in foreign waters, as and when called upon by friendly foreign nations. The Hydrographic Office is also involved in producing navigation charts that are of international standards and are used by mariners across the world. Hydrographic Officers can be posted at various Command and Area HQs.

What are some of the negatives that you would want someone to be aware of when considering a career in Indina Navy?

As an Executive (General Service) Officer, you would be at the helm of affairs in ships. Executive officers are leaders of men, strategists of modern warfare and ambassadors of our country when in foreign waters. Modern warships are highly evolved fighting machines needing capable and decisive leaders to operate them. A glorious career would see many highpoints and chief among them would be Command at sea. As an Executive Officer, you will be a vital part of the complex system that manages the ship and also uses the ship as an instrument of tactical warfare. You will learn to have a good understanding of your ship’s capabilities and limitations and be able to turn them to your advantage when face-to-face with the enemy. It is for this reason that an Executive Officer alone can aspire for the command of a naval warship. The Executive officers get opportunities to participate in all facets of naval operations onboard a warship. They are trained in specializations such as Anti-Submarine Warfare, Navigation, Communications, Gunnery, and Diving. With consistent performance, one could become a Commanding Officer of an Aircraft Carrier, Destroyer, Guided Missile Frigate, and Conventional/Nuclear Submarine.

Recognition in your Profession

What is your family’s view of your Profession?
My Family is Impressed
What is Friends’ view of your Profession?
My Friends are Impressed
What is Society’s view of your Profession?
Society is Impressed
Overall, how would you rate the Recognition aspect of your Profession?
5 Star Rating | MentorClub.in

General Information of your Profession

What kind of family’s financial background can maximize success in this profession?
It Doesn’t Matter
What is the ease of starting own business in this field?
Very Difficult

Its a service, not a job/business

How easy is it to move to a different country in this profession?
Now you have several years of work experience and you have seen professions of others. If you are taken back to 10th/12th class and allowed to pick a profession, then which profession will you pick and why?

I would choose the same profession as I am proud of my profession and do not have any regrets.

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