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Work-Life Balance

Job Security

Income Potential

Work Culture

Importance of Education


Profile Details
Name – Nisha Rani Gupta
Profession – Training
Designation – Training and Placement Officer
OrganisationDAV Institute of Engineering and Technology
Age – 39
City Daltonganj
Work Experience (Years) – 7
Under-Graduation – BBA, CITM Narapam
Post-Graduation – MBA, Sikkim Manipal University

Please give us a summary of your Career.

Pursuing BBA from CIMT was not an easy task for me. I used to be an above average student until high school and you know a lot of changes when you switch from school to college. Due to my fewer marks in BBA, I didn’t manage to land in a company that could give me the package I wanted. Soon I got married and had to take up the role of a housewife. Everything seemed to work out until my husbands business collapsed. You can feel that something right is not going to happen at times so I took a distant MBA course through the Sikkim Manipal University. So, to help my family I took up the job of a training and placement officer in the only engineering college in our locality.

Please describe your current Job Responsibilities.

As a training and placement officer, you must always be aware of what are the needs of the employers and train your students accordingly. My daily routine consists of contacting HR of various companies trying to arrange dates for them to visit the college. Arranging career counseling seminars, training sessions for students can also be added to the list. But calling companies for placement can only be done when you have the students capable of handling those jobs. Selecting the good students and giving them the proper training is my top priority.

Average Income for a Placement Coordinator in the current scenario

Starting out/Fresher – 2-5 Lakhs Per Annum
5 Years of Experience – 10-20 Lakhs Per Annum
10 Years of Experience – 10-20 Lakhs Per Annum
15 Years of Experience – 20-40 Lakhs Per Annum
20 or more Years of Experience – 40-80 Lakhs Per Annum
How do you rate the Income Potential in your career?
2 Star Rating | MentorClub.in

Work-Life Balance

On an average, how many hours do you work per day?
7-9 hours
On an average, how many days in a week do you work?
6 days
How often are you required to work in night-shift?
Does your work require you to travel?
Very Often
Does your work require you to relocate to different town/cities?
How would you consider the job security for a Placement coordinator?
Would you consider being a Placement Coordinator Risky?
Not Risky

The training and placement cell usually requires you be more attentive and hardworking than any other body of the institution. You have to move to various places in order to get in touch with companies which takes a lot of effort. But the best thing is that the job is quite secure and least risk is required.

Overall, how would you rate Work-Life Balance for a Placement Coordinator?
3 Star Rating | MentorClub.in
Overall, how would you rate Job Stability for a Placement Coordinator?
5 Star Rating | MentorClub.in
What are the different ways of enteringas a Placement Coordinator?

You have to be thorough with your MBA course. It doesn’t matter what your undergraduate program is but I feel technical branch really helps this job.


How would you rate Stress-Level in your Profession?
How would you rate your office/work infrastructure?
How would you describe your co-workers?
Generally speaking, your work is
Office Work
Overall, how would you rate Work-Culture for a Placement Coordinator?
3 Star Rating | MentorClub.in

Importance of Education in Your Profession

Would you say that Education from top School/College plays a major role in the success in this Profession?
What level of Education is sufficient to be successful in this Profession?
Graduation in Relevant Stream
Would you say that Studious students are generally successful in this Profession?
How would you consider the Cost of Education post 12th?
At present, which institutes are best for the education of this profession?

Any renowned institute of management should be best but at last, it all depends on your hard work.

Overall, how would you rate the role of Education in your Profession?
5 Star Rating | MentorClub.in

According to you, what kind of person is likely to be Happy & Successful in your Profession?

First Personality Trait – Energized by people, enjoy a variety of tasks and good at multitasking
Second Personality Trait – Focus on facts and details and apply past experiences to come up with practical solutions to problems
Third Personality Trait – Prefer to make decisions using logic by weighing pros and cons
Fourth Personality Trait – Prefer to keep flexible plan and keep options open
Fifth Personality Trait – Prefer to seek new experiences and create new things
Sixth Personality Trait – Prefer to be easy-going and flexible with life
Seventh Personality Trait – Prefer to be cooperative and compassionate
Eighth Personality Trait – His/Her Family and Friends agree that S/he get easily stressed out, angry and irritated
Please provide details

The job is quite wearing so a person ready to take up real hard work and face challenges is best suited

What are some of the positives, which would encourage someone to join your Profession?

1. Though the initial stipend of such a job is usually quite less, it increases as you gain experience.
2. It helps you to know the whereabouts of various institutes, their basic requirements etc. One can accordingly prepare for his/her career.
3. You can easily set a vision for your child career. My own child had a keen interest in automobiles and so I found him the best institute where he can gain all the knowledge.
4. You get to interact with lots of people that share the real experience.

What are some of the negatives that you would want someone to be aware of when considering a career in your Profession?

1. The work really requires you to dedicate yourself to the job. Traveling and staying away from the family isn’t something one wants.
2. If the overall placements of the college go down, the training and placement cell faces the greatest criticism which is sometimes unbearable.
3. The time that I spend on this job sometimes really cuts me off from my children who need my guidance.
4. You can’t literally have any holidays as any company can contact you anytime.

Recognition in your Profession

What is your family’s view of your Profession?
My Family is Neutral
What is Friends’ view of your Profession?
My Friends are Neutral
What is Society’s view of your Profession?
Society is Unimpressed
Overall, how would you rate the Recognition aspect of your Profession?
2 Star Rating | MentorClub.in

General Information of your Profession/Business

What kind of family’s financial background can maximize success in this profession?
Small Business (Annual Family Income up to 20 Lakhs)
What is the ease of starting own business in this field?
Maybe Easy for Few
How easy is it to move to a different country in this profession?
Maybe Easy for Few
Now you have several years of work experience and you have seen professions of others. If you are taken back to 10th/12th class and allowed to pick a profession, then which profession will you pick and why?

Maybe I would have gone for the same stream but would have worked harder to set foot in a more organized company.