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Work-Life Balance

Job Security

Income Potential

Work Culture

Importance of Education


Profile Details
Name – Kalyan Majumdar
Profession – Sitar Player (Musician)
Designation – Scholar
OrganisationITC Sangeet Research Academy
Age – 22
City – Kolkata
Work Experience (Years) – 15
Under-Graduation – B.Sc., St. Xavier’s College (Autonomous), Kolkata (under University of Calcutta)

Please give us a summary of your Career.

Kalyan Majumdar is one of the leading Sitar players of the present young generation. He is a regular performer in the Professional Circuit and has played in many prestigious concerts all over India and abroad. He is a B-High grade artiste of All India Radio, Kolkata and Doordarshan.
Born in a musical family, Kalyan was a child prodigy. He could sing out notations of any tune and identify Ragas when he was just three years old. Kalyan formally started learning Sitar from his father Pt. Subhajit Majumdar of the Senia Maihar Gharana at the age of four. Thereafter he learned Sitar from Pt. Soumitra Lahiri and the sarod maestro Pt. Buddhadev Das Gupta. Presently he is a scholar at ITC Sangeet Research Academy under the tutelage of Pt. Partho Chatterjee.
Kalyan has stood 1st in the All India Radio Music Competition, 2015 and won the President’s Award. He is also a recipient of the National Scholarship given by the Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India. He is an impaneled artiste of Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR), Govt. of India. He has been conferred the prestigious Ravi Koppikar Memorial Award, 2015 by ITC-SRA (West), IFFA and Music Forum at Mumbai.
Kalyan has also stood 1st in the Rajya Yuva Utsav organized by the Govt. of West Bengal in the year 2015-16. He has been conferred the prestigious Telegraph Award, 2014 for his outstanding talent as a Sitarist along with a gold medal. Also, he has stood 1st in the Dover Lane Talent Search Contest 2012-13 and won the Nikhil Banerjee Memorial Trophy. Sangeet Kala Kendra, Agra has bestowed upon him the prestigious title of “Naad Sadhak” in the year 2016. His performance has been broadcast from Gorgeous Radio, Wolverhampton, UK.
Kalyan has performed in various prestigious concerts all over India and abroad, which includes performances at Singapore Indian Fine Arts Society (SIFAS), Singapore Tagore Society, National Centre for Performing Arts (NCPA), Mumbai, Samanvaya Bhavan Auditorium at a programme organised by All India Radio, Bhopal, The Dover Lane Music Conference (periodical), Kolkata, Epicentre, Gurgaon, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi, Purva Tirupathi Balaji Temple, Guwahati, IIM Lucknow, Noida Campus, National Cultural Festival, Hyderabad, programme organised by Rotary Club (Kolkata), programme at Ramakrishna Mission Swami Vivekananda’s House and many more. He is also scheduled to perform at the Harivallabh festival in Jalandhar and Winter Festival of India International Centre (IIC), New Delhi in December 2017.
Kalyan’s music portrays a unique blend of the Senia Maihar Gharana and the Vishnupur School of music. He idolizes Pt. Nikhil Banerjee and draws inspiration from his style of playing. His music has been highly appreciated by several stalwart musicians, which includes the legendary Sarod Maestro Pt. Buddhadev Das Gupta and Tabla Maestro Pt. Subhankar Banerjee who have given him certificates of appreciation.
Kalyan has received rave reviews from leading newspapers of India such as The Hindu, The Statesman, The Times of India, Hindustan Times, The Telegraph and many other leading regional newspapers from all over India. He also has a CD (“Moods and Melodies” from Sagarika Music) to his credit.

Please describe your current Job Responsibilities.

Learning music in-depth through regular classes, daily from Monday to Friday each week. Rigorous learning applied for research purpose to further deepen the knowledge about music and the aim of the betterment of music as a whole.
Performing music regularly in the professional circuit, so as to entertain the listeners as well as spreading the Indian Classical Music to the mass. Sharing the music with other fellow musicians, music lovers, musical audience, as well as the general commoner (a person who isn’t a musician, or isn’t completely aware of music and its intricacies).
Also, imparting musical knowledge to whoever and wherever as per the demand.

Average Income in this Profession in the current scenario

Starting out/Fresher – 0-2 Lakhs Per Annum
5 Years of Experience – 0-2 Lakhs Per Annum
10 Years of Experience – 0-2 Lakhs Per Annum
15 Years of Experience – 0-2 Lakhs Per Annum
20 or more Years of Experience – 2-5 Lakhs Per Annum
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Work-Life Balance

On an average, how many hours do you work per day?
7-9 hours
On an average, how many days in a week do you work?
All 7 days
As a Musician how often are you required to work in night-shift?
Does your work require you to travel?
Does your work require you to relocate to different town/cities?
How would you consider the job security in your profession?
Would you consider this Profession Risky?

A career of a  musician is risky, as his/her success is dependent on the audience’s response. As long as there is demand, there is in-flow of money. Also, patronage and publicity are required for a musician to thrive, both of which are in great crisis.

Overall, how would you rate Work-Life Balance in your Profession?4 Star Rating | MentorClub.in
Overall, how would you rate Job Stability of your Profession?3 Star Rating | MentorClub.in
What are the different ways of entering this profession?

A rigorous learning process for at least 10 years before trying to enter the performing arena. Once in it, fight with other musicians to reach the top; because no one cares about the second best.


How would you rate Stress-Level in your Profession?
How would you rate your office/work infrastructure?
How would you describe your co-workers?
Very Competitive
Generally speaking, your work is
Field Work
Overall, how would you rate Work-Culture in your Profession?3 Star Rating | MentorClub.in

Importance of Education in Your Profession

Would you say that Education from top School/College plays a major role in the success of this Profession?
What level of Education is sufficient to be a successful Musician?
Would you say that Studious students are generally successful in this Profession?
How would you consider the Cost of Education post 12th?
At present, which institutes are best for the education of this profession?

Not many do exist, sadly. Rabindra Bharati and Biswabharati Universities offer the courses, but majorly of no use. This profession isn’t judged with the number of certificates or degrees one has, but with the ability and dexterity of one’s performance.

What is the cost of education (post 12th) of this profession at present?


Overall, how would you rate the role of Education in your Profession?2 Star Rating | MentorClub.in

According to you, what kind of person is likely to be Happy & Successful Musician?

First Personality Trait – Prefer working alone or in small groups and focus on few tasks at a time
Second Personality Trait – Focus on possibilities and value innovation to come up with creative solutions to problems
Third Personality Trait – Prefer to make decisions by being sensitive and cooperative to others feelings
Fourth Personality Trait – Prefer to keep the flexible plan and keep options open
Fifth Personality Trait – Prefer to seek new experiences and create new things
Sixth Personality Trait – Prefer to be self-disciplined and organized
Seventh Personality Trait – Prefer to be just and fair and not try to make everyone happy
Eighth Personality Trait – His/Her Family and Friends agree that S/he is usually relaxed, calm and happy
Please provide details

A person needs to have a proper mindset and devotion to pursue music for long years before he reaps the fruit. Tenacity is the most important thing because practicing is the only way out in this profession.

What are some of the positives, which would encourage someone to become a Musician?

Being a Muusician, you can live a life according to your own terms. You do not have a boss who is always pestering you to do work. And You can practice and work at your own sweet time. Music gives you peace of mind and soul. You can relax with your self. You can focus better with the help of music. Also, once a tad settled in this profession, you get to visit many new places all over the world and meet different new people. This profession is difficult as well as very gifting, once you delve deep into it.

What are some of the negatives that you would want someone to be aware of when considering a career as Musician?

Income. The major problem is income. With lack of patronage and publicity, the average income of a performing artist is not too impressive. Sure it will suffice for four meals a day, but the income at the beginning of the career is quite insufficient. Given the fact that Indian Classical Music is not meant for the masses but for the classical audience only, it has a lack of publicity and the TV Channels or companies don’t care to uphold India’s national treasure, and the people pursuing it gets little or no attention (unless, of course, you are Ustad Zakir Hussain or Pandit Ravi Shankar or someone famous)

Recognition in your Profession

What is your family’s view of your Profession?
My Family is Impressed
What is Friends’ view of your Profession?
My Friends are Impressed
What is Society’s view of your Profession?
Society is Neutral
Overall, how would you rate the Recognition aspect of your Profession?5 Star Rating | MentorClub.in

General Information of your Profession as a Musician

What kind of family’s financial background can maximize success in this profession?
It Doesn’t Matter
What is the ease of starting own business in this field?
May be Easy for Few
How easy is it to move to a different country in this profession?
Very Easy
Now you have several years of work experience and you have seen professions of others. If you are taken back to 10th/12th class and allowed to pick a profession, then which profession will you pick and why?

A life of a Musician. Because this life that I’m leading is giving me all the freedom and also providing me with my income.

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