1. Law is the only profession where you will find both the richest and poorest people on earth.
  2. Law requires you to be passionate, studious and have a sharp memory.
  3. The profession of a law has to contribute a lot to the society. You are the one responsible for the persistence of justice.
  4. One needs to be patient and persistent enough to achieve heights because the initial phase is not much about income but more about the things you learn.

Personal Details

Name – Debabrata Bose

Profession – Advocate

Age – 45 years

Gender – Male

City – Kolkata

Industry – Law

Where have you been born and raised?

I was born in Kolkata and lived there for two years. Then we moved to Madhya Pradesh and several other places due to my father’s transferable job. Finally, my dad got finally settled in Kolkata. My father worked in the Indian Navy and my mother was a homemaker.

I was raised along with an elder sister. We had a very peaceful life. We were an averagely middle-class family.

Who had the most influence on you?

My parents have been my pillars of strength forever while my grandparents shaped my childhood. They have had a very mixed and strong influence on me. One great thing that I have learned from them is that it is more important to be a good person than a great person. These are the values I carry along with me and will do so probably for the rest of my life.

Please give us a summary of your career.

After my class 10th, I chose to pursue commerce as I wanted to be in accountancy and economics.

I then had my graduation done in Accountancy and finally had my LLB done from Calcutta University. After which, I started my practice in Advocacy.

Initially, I interned under a corporate law firm for a few years. After which, I shifted to own practice at Calcutta District Court and finally moved to High Court.

What is that one factor that motivated you to choose Law as your career option?

There have been a lot of factors that have contributed to my interest in pursuing Law. One main factor is that I wanted to dig deep into our Constitution and its intricacies. And I must say I absolutely love it.

What have been your educational qualifications? How would you define your journey of becoming an Advocate?

As I said, I pursued my LLB and had my practice commenced in a Law firm. So basically, anyone who is pursuing law can venture into an expertise of any discipline, be it Civil, Criminal, Taxation and many more.

I went into taxation and I must say that the commerce background helped. My journey has been very tough and challenging in its own way. There were lots of potholes on my way. But I feel the trekking gets interesting only when the mountains get steeper.

Which institutions are best for the entry-level courses?

The top-notch institutions that provide good law education are Symbiosis Law College, Aligarh University, and Army Law College etc.

But I feel this is more of a practical driven field than theory-driven. I mean you must be in constant touch with theory too, but what counts more is your practical knowledge and expertise. Therefore, education from any good college is enough.

What has been the approximate costs involved in pursuing the profession you are in?

Things have drastically changed now. I completed my graduation from a government college and it cost around 20K INR whereas my master was around 25K INR.

In today’s date, education costs have risen tremendously. It costs around 80K INR per semester and hostel charges costs around 1 lakh INR per year.

Further, you can choose to go to famous law colleges around the world like London Law College, Colombia University etc. and the cost would be tremendous.

How does one enter this profession/ Become an Advocate?

To get into this profession, an LLB degree is a must. Without it, there is no way you can get into this profession.

As I earlier said it is all about practical learning. So, there are times if your dad or elder brother or any of your close relatives are already in the profession you get a good head start.

You start to understand things pretty fast. You start learning and processing things with a lot of ease. But if not, then you have to go through a lot of struggles.

What is the remuneration one should expect while starting out as Advocate?

Well, the factor of remuneration is not very fixed and clear. It all depends on what kind of clients you have and what is your rate.

If you talk about advocate like Kapil Sibbal, they charge around 25 Lakhs INR per hearing. On the other hand, there are advocates who hardly manage to thrive. But if you work for a firm, then the following can be considered an average income:

2 years’ experience — 2 to 3 Lakhs per annum

5 years’ experience — 5 Lakhs per annum

10 years’ experience — 10 Lakhs per annum

Please describe your work.

Well, there is nothing very typical about what I do regularly. It varies. There are times when I sleep around 4 am in the morning. My job requires a lot of studies, research and use of the brain.

For me personally, I get more interested in a case when the case is complicated. Then, I don’t worry about the time I spend on it.

What kind of person would be happy in the career of an Advocate?

I believe someone who loves to solve mysteries. Someone who can see life on a different platform with a different angle is best suited to be a lawyer.

He needs to be really persistent and patient in his career. I think being in an internship or working under a senior lawyer always proves to be beneficial because you get to learn a lot. Although in initial days you don’t get paid very high, however, the experience earned is far more valuable.

What are some of the positives that would encourage someone to take up the career as Advocate?

  1. The lawyer is amongst the most prestigious professions in the world just like doctors and engineers. You get a lot of respect from the society.
  2. The lawyer is not just a prestigious profession but also bunks up a lot of social responsibilities on your shoulder. You are the one who is going to fight for the justice and establish justice. You could be the one who can give people justice or may be the one who could deprive someone of justice.
  3. A lot of people look up to you. If you can establish yourself well you will earn wealth. You can have an immense supply of income.
  4. Very honestly, there is a lot of opportunity in the field of law, especially for those who have mastery over communication, have ethics and wants to work for the betterment of the society.

What are some of the challenges one is expected to face in this profession?

  1. This profession of an Advocate demands an extreme level of hard work. There are times when you cannot give yourself a vacation. There are times when you get deprived of sleep and there are times you have to skip your meals because there is a lot of work you have to do.
  2. Being Advocate means being in constant touch with books. There are so many legal codes statements and so much changing every now and then.
  3. There are times when you will face criticism. Because there are times when crime looks evident and the truth seems to flicker, but you still choose the wrong side based on your perspective of justice. There is a lot of hatred that passes on to you.
  4. One has to also deal with a lot of politics. Mainly from your opponent lawyers, who will try to bug up the evidence provided. A lot of times, you have to battle up with yourself regarding the truth.

What are some of the skills/technological advancement one is required to possess in your job profile?

Skills as such I would say — you must have a sharp memory. You need to be in constant touch with books. You need to have a strong knowledge of the current happenings around the world.

Given a choice, if not a Lawyer what would you see yourself as?

I don’t know. I have in fact never thought about it. But I think, considering my skills, I would have still chosen Law.

What would be your advice to students or professionals who are just starting their journey on a path similar to yours?

If you are passionate about the thing and want to be in a profession where it is less about you and more about the society if you are somebody who likes being around books. I would say just go for it but you need to understand your own skill as in what are you best at.

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