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Work-Life Balance

Job Security

Income Potential

Work Culture

Importance of Education


Profile Details

Name – Anamika Chandelkar
Designation – Recruiter
OrganisationKRM Global Consultancy, Indore
Age – 33
Work Experience (Years) – 10
LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/anamika-chandelker-b430aa86/
Under-Graduation – B.Sc, Vivekananda
Post-Graduation – MBA, RKDF

Please give us a summary of your Career.

I started working with KRM. It is a consultancy company. Over time, my job responsibilities increased. I used to work only as a Recruiter but now I handle relationships with companies as well. I also oversee our company’s growth as well as everything so that our company is moving in the right direction.

Please describe your current Job Responsibilities as a Recruiter.

As a Recruiter, my job is to get in touch with various companies and understand available job vacancies. Then the other part of my job is to find the right candidates.
The 1st and foremost thing I do is to deal with the clients. Where I listen to them and write each and every detail about their job requirement. Then I search for different job portals and find a suitable match for the client.
2nd thing is client coordination. As I mentioned, we as a consultancy work as a mediator between the client and the candidate. It is very important to retain old clients and manage new clients.
3rd is database management. Every consultancy uses some software. I train the new joinees on the software.
4th is managing my team. If someone leaves the company, I am responsible for selecting the desired candidate, conduct an induction program and give the candidate complete detail about the post.

Average Income in this Profession in the current scenario

Starting out/Fresher – 2-5 Lakhs Per Annum
5 Years of Experience – 5-10 Lakhs Per Annum
10 Years of Experience – 10-20 Lakhs Per Annum
15 Years of Experience – 10-20 Lakhs Per Annum
20 or more Years of Experience – 10-20 Lakhs Per Annum
How do you rate the Income Potential in your career?3 Star Rating | MentorClub.in

Work-Life Balance of a Recruiter

On an average, how many hours do you work per day?
Less than 7 hours
On an average, how many days in a week do you work?
5 days
How often are you required to work in night-shift?
Does your work require you to travel?
Does your work require you to relocate to different town/cities?
How would you consider the Job Security as a Recruiter?
Would you consider this Profession Risky?
Not Risky

It depends on the individual. If the person works with all her capacity and works with responsibility and within given time frame there is nothing one has to fear about.

Overall, how would you rate Work-Life Balance in your Profession?4 Star Rating | MentorClub.inOverall, how would you rate Job Stability of your Profession?5 Star Rating | MentorClub.inWhat are the different ways of entering this profession?

Graduation from any stream. It can be a 3-year course or a 4-year course. MBA from HR is preferred.


How would you rate Stress-Level in your Profession?
As it should be
How would you rate your office/work infrastructure?
How would you describe your co-workers?
Generally speaking, your work is
Office Work
Overall, how would you rate Work-Culture in your Profession?4 Star Rating | MentorClub.in

Importance of Education in Your Profession

Would you say that Education from top School/College plays a major role in the success as a Recruiter?
What level of Education is sufficient to be successful as a Recruiter?
Simple Graduation
Would you say that Studious students are generally successful in this Profession?
How would you consider the Cost of Education post 12th?
At present, which institutes are best for the education of this profession?


What is the cost of education (post 12th) of this profession at present?

Less than 5 lakhs.

Overall, how would you rate the role of Education in your Profession?4 Star Rating | MentorClub.in

According to you, what kind of person is likely to be Happy & Successful in your Profession?

First Personality Trait – Energized by people, enjoy a variety of tasks and good at multitasking
Second Personality Trait – Focus on facts and details and apply past experiences to come up with practical solutions to problems
Third Personality Trait – Prefer to make decisions using logic by weighing pros and cons
Fourth Personality Trait – Prefer to keep flexible plan and keep options open
Fifth Personality Trait – Prefer to seek new experiences and create new things
Sixth Personality Trait – Prefer to be easy-going and flexible with life
Seventh Personality Trait – Prefer to be cooperative and compassionate
Eighth Personality Trait – His/Her Family and Friends agree that S/he is usually relaxed, calm and happy

What are some of the positives, which would encourage someone to join your Profession?

1. If you like talking to people this is the right job for you.
2. Every time you are working with a new client or a new industry so you are learning something new. Earlier I used to work for only heavy industry, so I got a good knowledge of it.
3. Every day you learn new terms, meet different clients so it’s a good experience of people also.
4. The work is not very hectic but fun for people who like to talk a lot. This is something that we all want sometime somewhere.
5. One who wants to learn about different domains of the industries can join this as I said before.

What are some of the negatives that you would want someone to be aware of when considering a career in your Profession?

1. Here you are dealing with the human mind which is completely unpredictable. So sometimes it’s difficult to understand when the candidate is backing out.
2. If the candidate backs out or does not show up, then we became bad. All of our efforts also gets nullified and we don’t earn any money.
3. Patience is very important because if I am impatient, I will not be able to tackle the client or the candidate.
4. People sometimes talk in a very rude or bad tone. If you are in recruiting business you have to keep your anger aside and work. You will talk to all kinds of people – good, bad, decent, short-tempered, etc.
5. You have to be a good listener because when a client gives their requirement or candidate talks about theirs if you miss out on something you could create a big blunder. There should be no room for error.

Recognition in your Profession

What is your family’s view of your Profession?
My Family is Neutral
What is Friends’ view of your Profession?
My Friends are Neutral
What is Society’s view of your Profession?
Society is Neutral
Overall, how would you rate the Recognition aspect of your Profession?5 Star Rating | MentorClub.in

General Information of your Profession/Business

What kind of family’s financial background can maximize success in this profession?
It Doesn’t Matter
What is the ease of starting own business in this field?
Maybe Easy for Few
How easy is it to move to a different country in this profession?
Now you have several years of work experience and you have seen professions of others. If you are taken back to 10th/12th class and allowed to pick a profession, then which profession will you pick and why?

I would like to start my own business. Because I would want to be a working woman and business is something which interests me.