If You Want To Be A Writer For Money, Then Choose Some Other Profession Says Amber Verman, Writer At Wittyfeed

Amber Verman (Senior Script and Creative Writing at Wittyfeed)


  1. To become a writer, I recommend that you read a lot of good books.
  2. The only way to write heart-touching material is to observe people and try to feel the emotions that they are going through. This will help you to come up with some very good topics to write on.
  3. When you are starting your career in the writing, don’t wait for any big opportunity; just start.
  4. The best thing about writing profession is that it doesn’t matter from which stream you are. You could be a doctor, engineer, teacher or anything but if you have the urge to write, you can write.

Profile Details

Name – Ambar Verman

Profession – Senior Script and Creative Writer at Wittyfeed

Age – 25

Gender – Male

City – Indore

Industry – Content Writing / Internet

LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/ambidcupid/

Where have you been born and raised?

I am from Sagar, Madhya Pradesh. My father has a business of property development and my mother is a homemaker. I am the eldest among my siblings.

My schooling is from Saraswati Shishu Mandir, Sagar. Followed by Bachelor of Engineering from LNCT Indore.

I belong to a middle-class family. My father has studied till 5th class but my mother didn’t go to school. However, they are worldly-wise and probably 100 times more intelligent than I am.

I am the first in the family who is doing a job. Because of this, my entire family is very proud of me.

Who all had the most influence on you and how?

My school teachers influenced me a lot. As I wasn’t good at writing, my teachers pushed me to participate in a poetry competition. I accepted simply because I wanted to impress a girl who was my crush in school days.

Surprisingly, I won!

My teachers then further pushed me to participate at the state level, and I won there too. This kicked in a trend and I started participating in several poetry competitions. I won several awards in school days.

And as they say, rest is history. I continue to follow my passion of writing till today.

Please give us a summary of your career.

I have always loved to observe people and tried to feel the emotions that they are going through. This helped me come up with some very good topics to write on. Time passed and because of several reasons, I pursued engineering and took up a job in Shriram Transport company.

Until December 2016, I was working as an Assistant Manager in that company. It was a respectable job, so my parents, friends, and relatives were happy, but I was not.

So, to fulfill my dreams I resigned and came to Indore. I was very fortunate, that I got a job in one of the largest viral content company WittyFeed as a content writer. When I told my friends, they laughed. When I told my parents, they got worried. No one was happy with my decision, except ‘Me’.

After one and a half years, everyone is happy and they feel proud of me. Right now I am living my dream and working as a Senior script and creative writer in WittyFeed and as an Editor of InnerVoice Hindi.

Which institutes are best for the education/training of this profession?

Writing is something that no one can teach you in any institution. You can learn writing skills, but the soul in your writing will only come from your own experiences. Read as much as you can, because that is the best way to learn writing.

What are the costs associated with the education/training of this profession?

The best thing about writing profession is that it doesn’t matter from which stream you are. You could be a doctor, engineer, teacher or anything but if you have the urge to write, you can write. And it doesn’t require any specific course.

So, invest money in books or browse good sites on the internet. If your mind gets good food, then it generates good content.

How does one enter in writing profession?

If your content is good then it will automatically get an audience on the internet. And if you want to join a company on a full-time basis, then there are a lot of companies you can go for such as WittyFeed, Scoopwhoop, RVCJ etc.

They are giving chance to fresh minds and ideas without judging on basis of educational qualification.

What is the range of remuneration one can expect when starting out in your line of career & industry?

Let me be honest, if you are coming into this profession just because of money, then choose any other profession. Because writing doesn’t pay you fixed income.

If you are fresher then you will get 10–20K INR initially.

Your growth will depend on your creativity and your company’s growth.

You won’t earn much until you become a very famous writer or get hired by a big media company.

Please describe your work.

I work for WittyFeed. This is my second home. Our office has flexible timings.

I write mostly Hindi articles for WittyFeed’s Gyanchand and sometimes in English too.

I always wanted to work on a romantic web series’ script. My company gave me the chance to write for the company’s first-ever web series called ‘Little Hearts’. I struck gold and the series was in top-10 YouTube trending videos during Valentine’s week in 2017.

Poetry is my first love and I always wanted to create an impact on people with my poetry. So, I collaborated with RJ Anup Verma for InnerVoice’s poetry series called ‘Dastan-E-Zindagi’ (I am the writer and he is the narrator). Those poetries touched the hearts of many out there. Sometimes their overwhelming messages brought tears to my eyes.

I also wrote video scripts for WittyFeed, including most viral video series of Wittyfeed ‘Frustration series’. Every video of this series has millions of views and it also gave people a reason to smile.

So, for me it is not ‘work’; it is living my dream!!

What are some of the positives, which would encourage someone to consider writing as a career?

Writing is just like meditation. When your words touch hearts of others, you will feel out of the world. Trust me, if you will write honestly, you will become the best version of yourself. It will reflect in your personality and people will respect you. Also, it will give you a lot of exposure that will keep you motivated.

What are some of the challenges that you would want someone to be aware of when considering this career/job?

The major challenge you might face is that you won’t get much money in your initial days, so you will have to keep yourself motivated.

Sometimes you might feel that there is no work-life balance, and sometimes you might feel writer’s block too, but there is always a morning after a night. So, you will have to wait for your morning. That morning will heal everything.

What are the relevant trends/skills/technologies that are currently commanding a premium in writing profession?

Nowadays social media platforms are the best tools to keep yourself updated. I have heard somewhere that “A good writer should know something about everything.” So, keep yourself updated; it will make you a ‘wise writer’.

What kind of person would be happy in your career?

A person who has ‘Keeda of telling stories’ and wants to live life on his terms would love to be in this profession. This carrier is an ocean of opportunities. It completely depends on what you make of those opportunities.

Given another choice, what would you do differently as far as your professional selections are concerned?

I am very happy with my life, I would be doing exactly the same.

What would be your advice to students or professionals who are just starting their journey on a path similar to yours?

When you are starting your career in the writing, don’t wait for any big opportunity; just start.

If you don’t get success, at least you will know what you should not do.

And this failure will also become a hit story some day.

There is a famous quote by Milton Berle, “If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door”. So keep building your door.

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