1. Even though there’s a lot of scope in the manufacturing line, you have to be cautious and organized before jumping into this venture.
  2. “Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies” is a renowned institution that opens up your horizons to a whole new world of business. I can say this confidently since an umpteen number of people I know have pursued their Master’s from here.
  3. A chief attribute you should possess in order to remain content in this field is a prodigious amount of focus and attention. It’s pretty crucial to make sure you’re passionate about and dedicated to your work.
  4. Since I’ve established my own business, I can bring my work and personal life to a perfect balance.

Profile Details

Name – Neha Shah

Profession – Director at ‘Yugh Impex India Pvt Ltd

Age – 44 years

Gender – Female

City – Mumbai

Industry – Manufacturing

Where were you born and raised?

I was born and raised in Mumbai. I’ve been residing in this city ever since.

I completed my schooling, pursued my graduation and established a career here itself. We were a family of four, my parents, my sister and me. Both, my mother and father were into the business line back then.

Who would you say, had a remarkable influence on you growing up and how?

Growing up, my father had a pre-eminent influence on me. He was a self-made, resilient man who strived in life without requiring anyone’s backing. I think that really rubbed off of on me.

Please give me a summary of your career.

Initially, I started working with a share broker at a proprietor firm. My job entailed dealing with facts, figures, and numbers. This went on for about 10 years. Following this, I decided to familiarise myself with my father’s business, and I started working with his company. We were suppliers. As a part of this organization, my job was to look after the administration aspect of the business, the purchase, and sales, etc.

Next, I established my own business called “Yugh Impex India Pvt Ltd”, a manufacturing unit. Presently, I’m dealing with the administration part of the business.

This sums up everything I’ve accomplished up till now.

I plan on paving a path through this business for a long time.

Which institutes, according to you, are the best for pursuing a career in manufacturing?

If you’re looking to work at/with a manufacturing unit, it’s necessary to secure a degree in “Bachelor of Management Studies”, a course lasting for three years. I’d suggest you pursue this degree from “Narsee Monjee College of Commerce and Economics”.

You can always pursue your “Master’s in Management Studies” / “Master’s in Business Administration” from “Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies”. In my opinion, the latter really opens up your horizons to a whole new world. Umpteen people I know have pursued their master’s degree from this institute and their success is a testimony to the fact that “NMIMS” is indeed a commendable institute.

However, if you’re planning on pursuing “Business Management” from abroad, I’d suggest you apply to “Heriot-Watt”, a university located in Scotland, United Kingdom.

What are the costs associated with the education/training of this profession?

For your Bachelor’s, you’ll incur an expenditure of about INR 20,000, collectively. The fees are subject to the college you’re attending, too.

If you’re enrolling yourself in private tutorials, you’ll probably spend about 50,000 INR per annum.

As for your Master’s, you’ll probably spend about 18 lakhs collectively. You’ll also have to take into consideration the opportunity cost of leaving your job, which will inevitably increase your expenditure.

If you’re opting for a Business Management course abroad, I wouldn’t know the fee structure since it keeps varying. You’ll also have to consider the lodging and boarding expenditures.

How does one manage to enter in the field of manufacturing?

After securing a degree in “Bachelor of Management Studies”, one can always choose to pursue their “Master’s in Management Studies”, too. This will last for five years, altogether.

However, after completing your graduation/ post-graduation, the college you’re pursuing this degree from, offers you placement opportunities, very frequently. Hence, you can start working with a company immediately.

What is the range of remuneration one can expect when starting out in your line of career & industry?

When starting out, one can expect an annual turnover of 70 lakhs-1 crores, with a margin of about 12%-15%, however, the initial investment is copious, considering the commercial unit and machinery expenditures.

Keeping growth in mind, a person has to be ambitious enough to aim at increasing their revenue by 5%-10% year on year.

Additionally, even though there’s a bountiful amount of scope in the manufacturing line, an individual has to necessarily remain cautious and organized before jumping into this venture. Things must flow in a pre-determined way.

Please describe your work.

My job involves dealing with the administration facet of our business.

I deal with banking and finance, basically, administrating the entire office, its entire working.

I spend about 4–5 hours at work and work from Monday- Friday. This basically summarises the functions I carry out on a daily basis.

I don’t have to carry out any night shifts.

In your opinion, what are some benefits that would encourage an individual to consider a career in manufacturing?

  1. A principal benefit of working in this field is the fact that I’m able to bring my work and personal life to a perfect equilibrium. This is because I’ve established my own business. However, if you’re working for a manufacturing unit, you ought to conform to their timings and schedules.
  2. India is a growing economy, markets are expanding ceaselessly and the domestic demand for different products are on the rise, hence you can always explore different avenues and regions in order to accelerate the growth of our business.

Since this is my own business, I have the liberty to do so. Thus, there’s a lot of growth in this field, in my opinion.

Can you mention a few challenges that you would want someone to be aware of if they’re considering this career/job course?

When you’re investing such a prodigious amount of money in purchasing machinery, a particular place and employing workers, your production point becomes extremely important. It’s a challenge to find work on a daily basis.

This is one primary challenge that has to be taken into consideration without fail. It determines whether your business will thrive or not.

What are some relevant trends/skills/technologies that are currently commanding a premium in manufacturing?

There aren’t any specific skills or trends commanding a premium in my job profile as far as I know, really.

What kind of a person, do you think, would be content in this field?

A chief attribute one should possess in order to remain content in this field is a prodigious amount of focus and attention. It’s pretty crucial to make sure you’re passionate about and dedicated to your work. With dedication and ambition comes success, consequently.

Also, it’s extremely important to make sure you’re organized. Your work can seldom function smoothly if you’re not an organized person. Possessing this trait will automatically make things a little elementary for yourself and this, in turn, reflects in your work.

Given another choice, what would you do differently as far as your professional selections are concerned.

No, I wouldn’t want to change anything with respect to my professional selections. I’m extremely contented with the way things have unfolded themselves in my life.

What advice would you offer to students or professionals who are just starting their journey on a path similar to yours?

Don’t let your focus and dedication waver. It’s important to put in hard work for your business to flourish and thrive.

Contributing Writer – Urvi Shah