1. To make your sales deal successful, you have to go above and beyond to please your customers. You have to stay up late, have to work on holidays, you have to give that extra something special they won’t get from the other guy. After all, a satisfied customer is the best business strategy.
  2. A deeper understanding of how I draw people to myself and then capitalizing on it with the right visuals has helped me a lot. One must be a good communicator and look and act confidently in sales.
  3. In initial days this profession won’t fetch you enough money, so one must have a second source for a stable income. In this case, testing the river’s depth with both feet will not work.
  4. The income can vary from 2 lakhs per annum to even 1 crore per annum.
  5. One must interact with more and more people in this field, as we get to learn more from their experiences and techniques. I usually look for the good side in everyone.
  6. Sales Person like me has to travel a lot. It can be to attend seminars or to advertise the product. A lot of times it is tiring, but other times it is fun.
  7. Initially and even now I have to handle a lot of criticism and rejection. I try to take it in a positive way all the times but the majority of times, it leaves me depressed. But I usually forget it when I get a new customer or indulge in a new assignment.
  8. All I can say, that I am just 12th pass from a local government school and doing quite well in this field.

Profile Details

Name – Kulwinder Singh

Profession – Sales Dealer of Solar Equipment

Age – 40 years

Gender – Male

City – Jalalabad

Industry – Renewable Energy

Where have you been born and raised?

I was born and raised in Jalalabad in a family of 15 members in a middle-class joint family. My family members were all illiterate. Because of all this, my mother wished her children to be well educated. So, to fulfill my mother’s dream, I focused on studies.

Though, our family environment was not conducive to studies, so I struggled with studies initially.

I ventured into agricultural tool maker.

Who all had the most influence on you and how?

Honestly, I am self-influenced. I used to and still keep reading interviews of the successful businessmen in the newspaper. I used to cut out those interviews and store them and read it every time I was free. This is what actually motivated me.

Please give us a summary of your career.

I started working initially as a solar panel dealer on behalf of Electra company.

I got a mixed response from customers in first 3 months. There was a lot of customer inquiries and interest, but only a few of them would buy the product.

I felt bad when after a lot of hard work, the customer refused to buy the product. Finally, I got a big contract for some school hostel. I was glad to receive the call and I finally was on road to success. With that success, I added more products to my kitty and my business expanded.

Now, I am at the top of my game. I travel to different cities of India and also outside India. I am extremely happy as traveling abroad was my childhood dream. Thanks to my work that I got this opportunity.

Which institutes are best for the education/ training of this profession?

I don’t think that one needs to attend any training or do a specific course in sales and marketing. You either are cut out for this job or not.

But, I recommend that doing courses in the field of commerce from a well-established university should really help you do well in this profession.

Apart from this, the company you work for also gives you training.

All I can say, that I am just 12th pass from a local government school and doing quite well in this field.

What are the costs associated with education/ training of this profession?

If one does courses in the field of commerce like BBA or MBA, the costs can vary from 1 to 3 lakhs per annum depending on the college.

How does one enter into Sales or Dealership?

There is no specific way to enter this profession. One can enter through campus placements or one can start their own business and even work as a partner with any distributor.

What is the range of income one can expect when starting in your career or industry?

That simply depends on how well you do your work. If you put extra effort and keep on doing better work, you can earn unimaginable income. The income can vary from 2 lakhs per annum to even 1 crore per annum. I myself am earning around 20 lakhs per annum.

1–5 years – 20,000 to 40,000 per month

5–10 years – 40,000 to 1 lakh per month

10–15 years – 1–3 lakhs per month

15 years or more – 4+ lakhs per month

It all depends upon your efforts and work.

Please describe your work.

On a normal workday, either I have to deliver a product to a nearby city or attend customers. Apart from this, I have to attend seminars in different cities and deal with customers in different states and countries. Essentially, I am always trying to describe the benefits to buy our product. I also handle advertising of new products.

What are some of the positives, which would encourage to consider this career?

If you aren’t satisfied with your current profession, you can come in this field as a second source of income.

In this profession, you get to travel to new places and meet new people. All of this improves your communication skills.

You also get an extra bonus from your company if you put extra effort into your work.

Overall, it is a good field to come in.

What are some of the challenges you want someone to be aware of while considering sales or dealership?

Sometimes, as a dealer, you are not that aware of defects in products that you are selling. But that comes back very badly and has a negative impact on our career.

Also, it can lead to a great loss because you are responsible for taking delivery from the company and if you are not attentive, you can take delivery of faulty product and onus is on you then.

The kind of products that I deal with is very fragile in nature. So, they can be easily be damaged during traveling. So, it is of paramount importance that product is delivered to the right person and right place properly.

In this profession, one biggest challenge is that payments get stuck very often. So, you have handled this aspect very carefully and responsibly.

What are relevant trends/ skills /technologies that are commanding a premium in your job/career?

The type of products that I deal with is basically solar products that include solar heaters, solar panels, solar cookers and solar lights.

These days, products like solar panels and solar lights are trending. Moreover, the government is also in favor of solar rickshaws. There are also a lot of solar appliances that are being used in airplanes, helicopter, ships and other vehicles that are specifically a boon for our company.

What kind of person would be happy in your career?

A people’s person who is willing to meet and interact with more and more people will be more than happy in this career. Moreover, one who is willing to travel different places will also be glad to join this field. Apart from this, one who takes criticism well will be best suited for this job.

Give another choice that would you do differently as far as your professional selections are concerned.

No, I don’t think so. I am already happy and satisfied with my job. Travelling is my thing and that’s what I like most about this job. Also, I’ve never thought about anything else.

But If I get a break, I would surely like to teach.

What would be your advice to students or professionals who are just starting their journey on a path similar to yours?

I would like to advise them to be patient as initially they could go through hard times but after some time everything would be fine.

Always take criticism in a positive way; never take it too personally. A negative response from customers doesn’t mean you are not good. It’s only their excuse for not buying the product. Be a little smart and clever as everyone in this field thinks of their own benefit. Overall handle your work responsibly and honestly.

Contributing Writer — Pawandeep Kaur