Name – Mamchand Bhati
Profession – Police Constable in UP Police
Age – 45 years
Gender – Male
Industry – Police Department
City – Bareilly


  1. Police are protectors and enforcers of law. They act as saviours of people. One must enter this profession only if s/he is interested in ensuring goodwill and safety of people by staking his/her own life and security.
  2. This job is tough, as one has to deal with unpleasant people.
  3. However, this job brings authority and respect.
  4. Policeman has put his duty above his life and family and therefore, one must be sure before choosing this profession.
  5. One has to be both physically and mentally strong to be a cop.
  6. The costs of training are negligible, and the salary is sufficient.
  7. A policeman is rarely off-duty.

Where have you been born and raised?

I was born in a small village — Palla, UP. I spent my whole life there before joining police service.

What is your family background?

I lost my mother when I was two. Thereon, my grandmother raised me and my two brothers. My father was a government employee at Delhi Government. We were a very poor joint family of rural India.

Who had the most influence on you and how?

My grandmother had the most influence on me as it was her with whom we brothers spent most of our time in childhood. She was a very zealous and inspiring lady. I’ve seen her working in fields from dusk to dawn along with ensuring our care and nourishment. She never let us feel deprived of the warmth of a mother and always inspired us to do great things in life. It’s her struggle with us that inspired me to excel in school and sports and got me where I am today.

Please give a summary of your career, chronologically, including organisation names and your role/designation.

I completed my schooling from MB Inter College, UP. There I’d intensely excelled in sports. After 12th, I played hockey at National level. But, I soon realised that I can’t expect a settled career in sports, considering the uncertain income and improbability of getting constant achievement. So, my second choice was Police as I was always fascinated with the authority that a policeman command. Therefore, I sat for the UP Police Constable Exam and qualified. A training of nine months followed. I first started as a constable in Bijnaur civil lines and stayed there for six months after which I was posted to Government Railway Police (GRP) and continued for around 12 years. I was then shifted to Meerut Civil lines for 2 years. After that I was transferred to Ghaziabad civil lines. After 3.5 years in Ghaziabad, I was transferred to Thana Musoorie. Then 3 years later, I was shifted back to Meerut. After one year, I worked in Bulandshahr for around 1.5 years. Then I stayed in service in Muzaffarnagar for six months and finally I was shifted back to GRP of Bareiily in 2015 where I’m still working.

Which institutes are best for the training/education of this profession?

As police organisation is controlled by government, so each state conducts its own entrance test and then qualified candidates are trained. I was myself trained in 15th Vahini PAC, Agra. Every state has a number of training centres for its police department. UP has Police Training Schools in Moradabad, Unnao, Meerut, Gorakhpur etc. UP Police Academy of Muradabad trains senior/higher Police officers too.

What are the costs associated with the training/education of this profession?

The costs of training are completely negligible. We are trained for the nation and thus it’s the government’s funds which enable training to us. We don’t really have to pay any fee for this training.

What are the typical entry level jobs in Police Department?

One can sit for the Constable Exam at the age of 18–22 years. S/he is required to have qualified 12th with certain minimum marks/percentage.

Males should have a height of at least 168 cm while females must be 152 cm.

For males, chest size is important and should be at least 77 cm.

For females, weight is an eligibility criterion and should be at least 40 kg.

A physical efficiency test follows where males are required to run 4.8 km in 27 minutes while females have to cover 2.4 km in 16 minutes.

A Document Verification and a Medical Examination follows.

The UP Police Written Exam is in two parts: Preliminary Written Examination and Main Written Examination.

The Preliminary exam includes subjects like General knowledge and Current affairs, Reasoning ability, and Numerical ability while Main Written exam includes topics like General awareness, Mental Ability, Reasoning, and Comprehension.

What is the range of remuneration one can expect in your line of career & industry?

One may not expect promotion with experience, but the salary keeps rising.

Starting out – 2.4 lacs per annum

5 years of experience – 2.9 lacs per annum

10 years of experience – 3 lacs per annum

15 years of experience – 3.5 lacs per annum

20+ years of experience – 3.6 lacs per annum

Describe your work as a Police Constable?

My work as a civil constable involves staying in the bank from 9 in the morning till 4 in the evening. The duty is all about vigilance. We’d to check on people entering the bank, search them for weapons or any other perilous belongings. We’d to take care of the civilians within the bank ensuring they aren’t looted or burgled. We also had to ensure safety of bank from thefts and burglaries.

In the Railway Police, the constables have to check on the people in trains. They have to ensure that people are in comfort and discipline. Any suspicious person is arrested and detained at the next station. They ensured that people follow rules and regulations expected in the trains. They rebuked those who smoked in the compartment, men who sat in the ladies’ compartment, people who didn’t keep their belongings in the right manner etc.

I have to work nine hours per day. We don’t get holidays on Saturdays or Sundays and have to work even on festivals. We have a total of 30 holidays in a year but even that is not ensured as we have to be on duty as and when we get a call.

A policeman is rarely off-duty.

What are some of the positives which would encourage someone to consider career/job in Indian Police?

As a policeman, you get a chance to provide service to the nation. You are the protector of public. An idol policeman is a knight in shining armour. People place their trust in them. Whenever there’s a problem/incident, we are called first.

Police force is essential for the smooth running of government and society at large. Therefore, this job will always be in demand.

We ensure the safety of the public. Government is able to enforce governance through police force.

Even a very aggressive person would act meekly when he’d see you in the khaki. You get all the rights to be bossy in your profession.

My income is sufficient, and I never really compare it with my friends. I’ve all that one needs to live a respectful and meaningful life. I’m friends with political leaders, who have great bungalows and huge money. And, I am friends with farmers, who are barely able to survive. So, money is something I never really think about. I only thank God for all that I have.

What are some of the challenges that you would want someone to be aware of when considering this career/job?

First of all, you’d always stay away from your family. You hardly get to spend quality time with them. You’re always on the job and posted to new places every few years and sometime even in few months. Therefore, it becomes impossible to ferry your family with you. So, even when you’re off-duty, you don’t get to see and meet your family. It comes as a big challenge as many people have dependent family members who have to live away from them.

Secondly, you don’t get enough of holidays and time for recreation. Your off days are so uncertain that you can be called up for duty anytime. It’s difficult to plan holidays then. The most depressing part is that you don’t sometimes get to even celebrate festivals like Diwali with your family.

As a policeman, you’ve to go through a number of hassles every day. There are annoying people, goons and criminals you’ve to deal with. There are unhealthy working conditions sometimes. Your seniors can be dominating sometimes. There are also people who don’t consider us as their protectors, as the police in our country have a spoilt image.

There is also great danger to one’s own safety and life while working as a cop. As one of our leaders once remarked, “Army men and policemen are meant to die”, I do agree with the statement. We do have to risk ourselves for the safety of people.

The crime rates are really high and there is a lot of work pressure on the police department. At one moment, you have to look for a missing child at the same moment a road accident is reported and you’ve to sincerely attend to both. Some policemen even turn out to be aggressive to civilians due to this mental pressure they silently bear.

The negative feelings are sometimes so intense that we’ve to depend on alcohol to have a peaceful mind and sleep.

What are the relevant skills/technologies/trends that are commanding premium in your job profile?

Criminal Investigation Department (CID) is commanding premium along with Special Operations Group (SOG) and Vigilance police. They’re in great demand due to the novel needs of the nation.

What kind of a person would be happy in Indian Police?

A person, who can practice professional assertiveness, is bossy and dominating and has a will to use his physical and mental strength for the good of his people, is born to be a policeman.

He has to be tough, courageous and responsible to be the real saviour of the people, unlike many in the police who are spoiling the image of this department.

Given another choice, what would you do differently as far as your professional selections are concerned?

I always wanted to be a hockey player and represent my country at international level. I couldn’t pursue the career of a sportsman due to my own personal reasons.

What would be your advice to students or professionals who are just starting their journey on a path like yours?

First of all, don’t enter this profession if you’re not willing to act as a saviour. There is much need of policemen who are responsible and dedicated to their work. Be the kind of person, not only the people but the whole nation can put its trust in. Stay away from corruption and things that may blow you off your duty.

It’s also very important for you to take care of your own safety. As a policeman you’d have to deal with people who may turn out to be real dangers to your life and security. You’re responsible for yourself. Be the kind of person that invokes trust among the people who are completely against the police department. Prove them wrong with your dutifulness. There is no better career than this if you love your people more than yourself and want to pay your service to the country like martyrs.

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